Contact  Us   Above  by clicking the contact us page and include you telephone number with name and tell us about your dog.We will call you back once we receive the form .No- commitment Call  we listen about your dogs/horse issue,we will tell you about our products,it will be your decision on having a brace made.I advise all owners discuss with your DVM or Rehab Professional.Our Braces are designed to provide Support,Alignment and Mobility.

Dog Leg Brace ACL Customer

"Tommy enjoying the river in Oregon".

   Dog ACL/CCL Stifle Brace in Motion

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Excellence in Custom Orthopedic Leg Braces and Splints for the Veterinary Industry World Wide

    Hong Kong~New Zealand~India~Netherlands~England~Australia~Kuwait~England~Amsterdam~Mexico~Canada~Spain~Italy~Beriez~Johannasberg~Thialand

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Improving the Quality of Life for your Family Pet

   Equine  Support Line of Braces Front and Back Legs

    All our Braces which are Proven  around the World .

    Equine Front Leg General Support Knee Brace

    Equine Front Leg OA Unloader Knee Brace

    Equine Suspensory Support Fetlock Brace

    Equine Contracted Fetlock Corrective Bace

    Equine Coffin Bone  Assisted Support Brace

    Equine Hock Support  Mobility Brace with

    our Articulated  four points of  Motion

    All our Braces are Custom Made from a cast

    Always consult with your DVM First.

       Stifle(Knee) Support  Rear ACL/CCL  Leg Brace

  All our Stifle/CCL Canine Braces are deigned   to be an option for Dogs 

   dogs when Surgery due to Age or other  Factors is not an option.

  Best Supporting Functional Brace in The Industry

  Only Brace ACL/CCL Canine Leg Brace with Full Containment Support 

  Canine ACL/CCL OA Stifle Knee Brace

  All Leg Braces are custom made from a cast of the Leg  for an accurate fit.

  When it comes to your Family Pet  we only use the best materials    

  Always Consult with your DVM First


Call 209-782-7223 or 209-688-4047 

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Guaranteed Call Back Same Day

                                VRT Builds the Highest Quality ACL CCL Brace in the Industry.

1.Custom Made from a Cast of the Leg.This assures an accurate fit of the brace.

2.Functionality-allow adjustable flexion and extension from the adjustable hinge.

3.Light weight design-Carbon Fiber- Titanium - Stainless Hinges

4.Condyle Suspensory Sytem at the Stifle ,Provides Medial -Lateral support  with  full containment anterior and posterior straps.Moving on its own axis separate from

the hinge axis.New in 2018.

5.New anti Migration Pads provides comfort and Brace stability while in motion,New in 2018.

6.When it comes to Quality  That is what we Build and you Expect .Made in USA

Our Leg Braces are Designed for Dogs and Horses where Surgery is not an Option

     Always Consult with your DVM or Rehab Professional First 



           Equine Orthopedic Leg Braces Quality Engineered To Perform  .

    Equine Bracing in Motion


Patch running with his  Dog  ACL Brace  over in England.

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