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     When it comes to your Family Pet   we are here to help !!


              Equine  Custom Leg Braces

   All our Braces which are Proven  around the World .

    Equine Front Leg General Support Knee Brace

    Equine Front Leg OA Unloader Knee Brace

    Equine Suspensory Support Fetlock Brace

    Equine Contracted Fetlock Corrective Bace

    Equine Laminitis Support Brace

    Equine Hock Support  Mobility Brace with

    our Articulated  four points of  Motion

    All our Braces are Custom Made from a cast

    Always consult with your DVM First.


       Stifle(Knee) Support  Rear ACL/CCL  Leg Brace

            All our Stifle/CCL Canine Braces are deigned   to be an option for Dogs 

           dogs when Surgery due to Age or other  Factors is not an option.

          Best Supporting Functional Brace in The Industry

          Only Brace ACL/CCL Canine Leg Brace with Full Containment Support 

          Canine ACL/CCL OA Stifle Knee Brace

          When it comes to your Family Pet  we only use the best materials    

          Always Consult with your DVM First

          The Best quality built brace in the Industry

          Custom Made from a cast of the leg-

          Carbon Fiber Shells-

          High Comfort Liner-

          Titanium  or Stainless Hinges-

          Condyle Suspensory System(only brace in the Industry)

          Easy to  fit-

          Full elemnt Friendly Brace-

 Customer Support  6 days a week-

 Made in USA

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 Excellence in Custom Orthopedic Leg Braces and Splints for the Veterinary Industry World Wide

    Hong Kong~New Zealand~India~Netherlands~England~Australia~Kuwait~England~Amsterdam~Mexico~Canada~Spain~Italy~Beriez~Johannasberg~Thialand

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Patch running with his  Dog  ACL Brace  over in England.






Dog Leg Brace ACL Customer

"Tommy enjoying the river in Oregon".

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