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Dog Leg Brace ACL Customer "Tommy enjoying the river in Oregon".


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Custom Dog and Equine Orthopedic Leg Braces and Splints For The Veterinary Industry World Wide

In Memory of my Dog Hershey

Always there and my  best friend      Febuary 12, 2016    12 years old

New in June 2017 Titanium Hinges Option for All Canine Leg Braces

Our Custom Braces are designed for applications where surgery is not an option,We highly reccomend that you contact your Veterinarian about your Dog or Horse Injury First.We work with DVM and Owners world wide.Contact us at 209-688-4047  or 209-782-7223 email

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Dog Leg Brace  Technology

New in Summer of 2017

Titanium Hinges for Our Canine Custom Leg Braces

New Suspensory Condyle system for ACL Canine Braces

Equine Knee Braces new Poly Centric Hinges

Sleeve system for the Straps on ACL Canine Braces



        New   Rehab E-Brace

  Designed for supporting your Dog's ACL in time of injury before and After Surgery where additional support is needed/



Finally our  new Rehab E Brace  is here our design

provides for that needed support before and after surgery  with out the casting process and higher

expense of a custom made brace.The concept was used

on a daily basis where we built Orthopedic Leg braces

for humans back in the 90s where post op and custom braces were made for similar applications and still being done today.The hinge system we use  is free range of motion,versus fixed  where may cause the dog to lift and bear weight on the good leg.Easy to follow order method.

Ordered Monday delivered Friday.

Priced 1-25lbs.........$295.00 plus shipping

          26-75lbs.........$395.00 plus shipping

        76-175lbs.........$495.00 plus shipping

 Shipping is USPS Priority Mail $18.50

           USPS  Express next day $45.00

Southern California

Patch running with his  Dog  ACL Brace  over in England.


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