Veterinary Rehab Technologies

Thogus Rescued by Ohio Animal Hospital

Sponsored by VRT for a front Carpus Brace.One Happy Dog!!!!

Made in U.S.A.

Equine Orthopedic Leg Braces

Knee Brace O/A and General Support

Fetlock Suspensory Failure Support Brace

Inverted Fetlock Corrective Leg Brace

P3 Walking Boot

Rear Leg Brace

Hock Support Brace

Custom Splints for foals and post op Applications

Canine Orthopedic Custom Leg Braces

ACL Custom Stifle Brace

Carpus Custom front Leg Brace

Hock Custom   Leg Brace

Custom Splints Stifle,Hock and Carpus

 Off The Shelf new small dog carpus support


Boo Boo in His ACL Brace                    Henry in  Austrailia in his Carpus Brace                 Bella wearing her ACL Brace        .

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