Canine Leg Braces

Canine ACL / CCL Knee Brace    

1-24 lbs   $575.00
10 working Days

25-74lbs  $595.00 

10 working days

75-125lbs $625.00

10 working Days

126lbs and up $695.00 

10 working days

Canine Splints ACL

Canine Splints Hock

Canine Splints Carpus

$395.00 All dogs  Custom Splint(cast required)

4 working Days

Canine Hock Brace

 $525.00 -1-74lbs     $595- 75-125lbs      126lbs Plus $625.00

Cast Required

Canine Carpus Brace

$525.00 -1-75lbs    $595- 75-125lbs        126lbs Plus $625.00

Payment Include Check with Cast-Credit Card

 Processing Time

Canine Leg Braces  10 Working Days

Lama Knee Brace

Adult  $975.00

Cria  $695.00

10 Working Days

Equine Brace Price Guide

Knee Brace $1150.00Polycentric Hinges

Single Stop Hinge  $1175.00

12 working days

OA Equine General Support Knee Brace

$975.00Polycentric Hinges

10 working days

OA Equine Knee Brace SingleStop Hinge $995.00(OA)

12 working days

Equine Fetlock Contracture Brace $1350.00

12 working days

Equine Fetlock Rear Leg Brace $1250.00

12 working days

Equine P3 Walking Boot Brace $1175.00

10 working days

Foal Brace $695.00 Single.  Bilat Set(both front Legs  $1250.00

7 working days

Foal Custom Splints $500.00 Both front  leg(no hinges)

5 working days

Cast required on all Braces and Splints


Elephant Shoe Custom $1950.00

Cast Required

Lead time 3 weeks


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