Your dogs Injury deserves the best support possible.Our products are constructed with high quality materials and  craftsmanship.When the time comes to buy a brace consult with your DVM.Look at the manufacture and the product.There are several companies out in the Industry manufacturing braces.

Each Company  Builds a good quality brace,you  and your DVM will decide the best choice for your dog.

These are custom made from a cast.We send cast kit to the owner or DVM.Some owners like to take the kit with them to their DVM to have the leg casted.When the brace is done we ship to the requested receiver on the order form.We work with owners and DVMs worldwide.

Veterinary Canine ACL Custom Stifle Brace


Post Op  after surgery

Partial Tear ACL

Full Tear ACL

General Support

Osteo Arthritis Stifle Brace


 Custom Made from a Cast of the Leg

 Carbon Fiber or Thermal Form Shell

 Stainless Hinge for Max strength

 Adjustable range of motion Hinges

 Durable Foam Liner

C-Fold Straps for strength

Condyle Pads at hinge for medial/Lateral Support

Hock Skirt for protecting the hock

Light weight design

Industries strongest Brace andBest Built

Channel Pads for Achiles Tendon Relief

 Element Friendly for all seasons




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