Foal Brace Application Bowed Knees Hyper extension Control..Cast required Leadtime 5 Days.

Custom Knee Brace $695.00

Custom Splints $495.00

Custom Hinged Splints $595.00

Fetlock Contracture Brace. Application Inverted Fetlock.Brace helps straighten Fetlock.Price $1350.00.Cast Required.Leadtime 12 days.

Equine General Support Knee Brace

Application:General Support ,Hyper extension Control

Price $895.00 plus shipping

Leadtime 10 Days

Cast Required

Equine Support Brace  O/A  Unloader  

 Application  Bowed Knees,Hyper extension Control

Price $925.00 plus shipping

Cast Required

Leadtime 10 days


Fetlock Suspensory Support Brace.Application for Fetlock Suspensory Failure.Available in two versions.Full Leg Brace supporting the knee and Fetlock.

Price $1825.00 Full Leg Brace

$1125.00 Fetlock Brace

Cast and Shoe required

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