Dog Leg Braces and Equine Leg Braces  About Us-    

.We started in the Animal Canine Industry for Braces in 2004.Coming from one of the worlds Largest Manufacturers of Human Custom Leg Braces 95% custom made.In 2000 the company we worked for was aquired and under contract for the new owner,we were ISo certified and continued to build Human custom OA  Leg Braces for 2 years producing about 1600 custom OA Knee braces.

In 2003 our contract was finished the work went south due to lower manufacturing cost.At this point we start prototyping some new braces for the Equine Industry and the Canine Industry.Having two of the Top Brace builders with each having 20 years in the Industry and myself a State Certified Tool and Die Maker in Injection Molds and R&D Development in Orthopedics and Medical components we  started in the Brace Industry for Animals.There are no schools on building braces for Equine and Canines.Working with the top DVMs in Equines and  Canines investing countless hours and funds ,all our braces are proven.Our company is not about volume but about building a  Quality of a Product that will last.We have reengineered our stainless hinges for strength and weight,New in 2018 we offer Titanium as an option,plus we are the only company who offers on their ACL  Brace a Condyle Suspensory System for Stifle Support .Some in Industry with lack of knowledge on Hinges downplay the hinges for extra weight,this is lack of experience with hinges.I advise  All  owners to check out each manufacturer.Discuss with your DVM or Canine Rehab Tech which would be the best for your dog or Horse.Quality and Customer Support are what we offer.

   Splints and Braces

    Splints   versus   Custom Brace.The Splints are a two piece clam shell design.Used for short term support injury to a ligiment,Post Op use after surgery .The splint does not allow any range of motion at the joint .Its made out of thermal form plastic,with foam liner and ventilation ports.Held onto the leg with velcro strao system.Its water proof so the dog can go outdoors in all weather conditions.Most of the splints we sell are for light injury or Post Op ACL Surgery.They are more restrictive as they provide full containment also used where a dog has a fracture in the leg and want to minimize motion.Splints are made from dimensions of the leg on our order form or custom made from a cast.We do make splints out of Carbon Fiber on Custom Splints as an option light weight more strength small to Large dogs.
  Our Custom Braces (Stifle,Hock or Carpus) are for front and rear legs are made from a cast of the leg.The Custom braces use an adjustable hinge which allows range of motion.Depending on the type of injury as example ACL partial tear.The brace provides support for the leg and range of motion.If the brace is to restrictive as some braces in industry use a rubber hinge the dog may end up non weight bearing and  put the weight on the good leg causing more strain on good leg which may cause ACL issues.I use the best hinge which is strong,adjustable and allows range of motion.Our custom ACL Brace is made of carbon fiber.It has a condyle suspensory pad on each side of the stifle,theres a small front and rear strap that provides containment of the stifle.This system pivots on its on axis versus the hinge system.It assist with medial and lateral support at the stifle as well as stops brace migration.
We are the only one in the Industry with this feature.The brace has a 5mm liner with soft shammy overlay.Te straps all use velcro to secure.We have Pads that attache to each pad forcomfort as well as each pad has our anti slip film on them.Its a thin film of silicone rubber.Used iin the human industry today on knee braces.We do offer Titanium hinges as an option on all our braces.Your dog can enjoy all weather conditions with the brace.So the difference in the splint and brace is the splint is short term and no range of motion.The Custom brace is long term where it may use the brace  for several months to a year  or in more severe cases for rest of their life.The brace helps improve the quality of life.And we stand behind the brace the life of your dog.If it ever has issues contact us  and we will take care of it.In cases where the dog is outside the USA I make up a service kit that you will have extra parts for the brace(liner material,strap material,Chafes,Velcro Hook and Loop)So if something happens you have service box on hand.Its about taking care of your dog and the dog owner.

Stifle-Hock-Carpus Splints

 1- 20 lbs     Dog     $55.00

 20-75 lbs    Dog     $75.00

 75-100 lbs   Dog     $85.00

 100-175 lbs Dog     $95.00

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