Equine General Support Knee Brace:

Designed for Support ,Alignment and Mobility.Eliminates Hyper Extension at the Knee

while allowing normal range of motion.

Construction:Custom Made from a cast of the leg.This Brace uses internal all welded T6 Aluminum Frame,Carbon fiber is laminated incasing the frame for superior strength and

maintaining a lightweight brace.Hinges are stainless steel with internal Delrin Bushings.The

liner is 3/8 thick durable all weather liner for comfort and wear.For maximum support we use a upper and lower back plate for 90% circumference containment of the brace,The Back Plate

also has foam padding for support and comfort,Our c-fold straps are used for superior holdiing strength.On the inside of each hinge we use an independent condyle pad with a containment strap the across the upper side of the knee and on the posterior side as well.The assist with medial and lateral stability st the knee.Element Friendly Brace.

Equine Osteo Arthritis Unloader Custom Knee Brace

 When the meniscus deteriorates and its bone on bone on the medial or lateral side

this is painful for the horse.Our Custom OA Unloader Brace is proven as all our braces are

to provide support,maintain alignment and unload the compartment relieving pain.Thru our process working with the Equine DVM  we build in correction into the brace,so when its applied it releives the bone to bone contact and improves the horses quality of life.The brace is made exactly the same as our general support knee brace except the modification for built in correction is added.Not ever case is a canidate for the brace,Best way to tell is in non weight bearing if the leg can be straightened minimal whether bowed out or in medial or lateral.

Full Leg Brace Knee/Fetlock

 Designed for the front leg for general support after surgery,to older horses with degenerative issues where extra support and mobility is needed.Constructed of composite

materials with stainless hinges and durable liner for maximum comfort.All weather brace.

Foal Leg Brace

 Knock Knee,Hyper Extension,Lateral Bowing out at the knees.This Brace light weight custom bracemade from a cast of the leg.

Fetlock Contracture Brace

When Injury Occurs and  the fetlock becomes inverted forward  having a brace designed to reverse the fetlock while maintaining support and comfort is this braces function.Our Patent pending design uses a combination of  mechanics within the brace to achieve correction.

Rear Lower Leg Brace

As most Brace we build we design working with DVMs and Surgeons on cases that need specific support.In cases where the rear leg was in a cast and a Post Op Brace is needed for support and mobility and ventilation is a must ,this brace provides all.Composite costruction as with all our braces built to provide support.We can set the stop  at the specific angle requested by the  DVM.

P3 Walking Boot

When the coffin Bone rotates this creates pain in the hoof.This Brace was designed with one of the Top Lady DVM Surgeons on a special case that  was presented to her and us.After the brace was made the horse regained 75% use of the leg again plus reduced the pain.

Fetlock Suspensory Failure Brace       Designed to support fetlock and provide mobility and better quality of life.Superior

in strength from composite stainless design this brace built for maximum support.Proven Design that offers best support.Stabilizes the fetlock from dropping.

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